Creating Good Web Content - communication

Notes designed by Collections Australia Network to assist collections organisations to create effective content and to determine the kinds of content that is will be most effective for reaching their target audience with relevant information.

Copyright information

Refer to Museums Australia Copyright page for references on copyright which may be useful for website developers.

eBusiness Guide

A practical eBusiness Guide developed by the Culture Portal can assist cultural organisations to develop and implement e-business strategies.

Engaging your audience in Social Media - Blogs, wikis and podcasts explained

Social media is a term used to describe collaborative, online web technologies.  Collections Australia Network offers tutorials and discussions on how to engage your audience online with new communication strategies.

The most commonly recognised of these new strategies are blogs, podcasts and wikis.  However sites and networks such as facebook (social networking), flickr (image sharing), youtube (video sharing), myspace (social networking) and (social bookmarking) are also part of this kind of collaborative activity.

Internet development guides

A set of Internet development guides developed by the Culture Portal that will help Australian museum professionals and cultural organisations discover why they should use the Internet, how they might use it, and how to develop an Internet presence.

Open source software

Open source software (OSS) is a type of computer software defined by: free access to the source code; ongoing free distribution; the requirement that the licence is technology-neutral; and several other attributes that relate to its licensing and legal framework.

The AGIMO Open Source Software page is a source of information about Commonwealth Government OSS initiatives and resources.

Web Publishing Guide

The AGIMO Web Publishing Guide, 18 June 2007, brings together Commonwealth Government resources and information for website management.  It is designed to help agencies and websites with their legal and policy obligations, and to access guidance and better practice advice. The Guide consolidates and replaces previous Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) resources. The Guide provides information about:



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